Exploring how letters combine to make sounds in words

We have been exploring how letters combine to make sounds in words. It can be lots of fun. Here we are in our glasses that we made when we learnt the 'gl' blend. We have also been learning about 'magic e' who can make vowels say their names. For example, 'mat' becomes 'mate'.

Marae .jpg

'Ko wai tō ingoa?'   

What is your name?

In Room 1 we are learning how to ask and answer the question what is your name, in te reo Māori - 'Ko wai tō ingoa?' As a follow up art session we each created a marae and introduced ourselves. ‘Ko_ toku ingoa.’


Building Our Team!

We have lots of fun pulling, stretching and moving the lycra to music and nursery rhymes. Lycra activities are brilliant for developing social skills, coordination and team work! We are great at supporting our friends and working together to make sure everyone is happy and included.