Exploring how letters combine to make sounds in words

We have been exploring how letters combine to make sounds in words. It can be lots of fun. Here we are in our glasses that we made when we learnt the 'gl' blend. We have also been learning about 'magic e' who can make vowels say their names. For example, 'mat' becomes 'mate'.


Term topic: People of New Zealand

Ourselves, our families and Maori people as the first settlers

Last term our topic was People of New Zealand. We talked about ourselves and our families as people of New Zealand and also learnt about Maori people as the first settlers. We made some Maori artworks. Our favourite pieces were our tiki. We started with a frame of 8 squares and then drew each feature one at a time. Then we used black and red to add detail and patterns.

Celebrating Suzanne Aubert

Her 182nd birthday!

On Monday 19th June, our pastoral area celebrated Mass to commemorate the 182nd birthday of Suzanne Aubert who will be our namesake once she is made a saint. The children were asked to make bunting that would be used to decorate the Church. They drew pictures of Suzanne and her life, wrote happy birthday in different languages and decorated them beautifully.




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