Making learning new words fun

Glossary is an oral programme that involves learning up to ten new words a week. These words are fun and are put into a visual context that helps understanding and retention. All children, particularly those who find reading and writing more challenging, have found it rewarding. Children are excited when they see how this oral work improves their reading, writing and spelling skills. There is a classroom ladder for them to challenge each other to improve their ranking. This has proven to be extremely popular and rewarding.

“I like glossary because it’s fun learning new words.” Samuel (Year 3)

“I totally love doing Glossary! As the year went by I learnt more and more words and it got more exciting.” Lucy (Year 5)

“I love writing; having a glossary wall can be very useful.  It’s fun to write anything you want.” Paddy (Year 5) 

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Getting kids relaxed and in the mood for learning

Music plays an important part in my personal life and at school. I play the piano, guitar and harmonica and write children's songs. Room 2 children have learnt the ukulele, performed in ArtSplash and last year visited the local retirement homes to sing Christmas songs.  

I enjoy playing the guitar and keyboard in the mornings while the children sing along to some fun catchy songs.

“I like doing singing because it makes me feel relaxed.” Anna (Year 3) 


Making it fun and challenging for all

Numeracy is a particular passion of mine. In numeracy the children get to have hands on teaching, group games, competition and relevant computer work. I have had a lot of success with children learning the basic facts through class challenges and a personal favourite "Top 10" that allows all children to taste success at their level.

“When you’re learning maths you will have lots of fun and games. Whenever I’m doing it I feel I belong in here” Isabelle (Year 4)  



Building problem-solving and thinking skills

All the children have learnt to play chess. I have found that this has really helped their problem-solving skills and they regularly have opportunities to play chess as part of our classroom learning.

“Chess is superb and is a good challenge.” Paddy (Year 5) 

Enquiry topics

Using our classroom devices to plan, research and present interesting facts and information.

Room 2 children are encouraged to use our classroom devices to plan, research and present interesting facts and information. They have recently created Google slides on weather and self-profiles. They enjoy interactive games that support their learning.

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Kapa Haka

Sharing our learning with the local community

This year we have started up a school Kapa Haka group. The children are really enjoying learning waiata and performed four songs at our Celebration of Learning afternoon. We have performed these songs for the kids at Brooklyn Kindergarten, Brooklyn Playcentre and Brooklyn Kids daycare.

“We love doing Kapa Haka practice and performing in front of the school.” Beatrice (Year 3)

“I want my mum to come and see Kapa Haka.” Viola (Year 4)

Sport and exercise

Making fitness fun for all

Encouraging my students to participate in sport and to stay fit is extremely important to me and I regularly include running and fitness activities into my programme. Some of the children have joined my lunch time running group.

“P.E is really fun. You can learn lots of new sports like swimming, running and football.” Isabelle (Year 4)

“I love P.E because I get out and about more often. As well as that there is the running group. You can run around the block.” Gabriel (Year 4)

“If you want you can join the running group on Tuesday and Thursday. If you are confident you can go to the Inter-Zone. I did and finished 15th out of 40.” Sebastian (Year 4)

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