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Anytime Anywhere

We love to read at any opportunity we can. Our teacher gives us time to read by ourselves, in a group or out loud to the class. We have a fabulous library in our classroom where we can disappear into worlds created by other authors. Our senior school librarians help us choose books to read at lunchtimes. We also love our trips to Brooklyn library.

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Our Cultures

We are an inclusive classroom

We celebrate our cultures by learning about our countries, our similarities and our differences. It is important to show respect for each other and to treat each other equally. We all have different strengths and weaknesses but we are all fashioned in the image of God. We are all God’s children.

Class Dojo

Keeping parents informed

In Room 2 we use ClassDojo to share our learning with our whānau. Students can post videos and photos of their work for their parents to see. Our teacher also posts messages, reminders and updates on ClassDojo to help keep parents informed of what is happening.

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Sport and Exercise

Making fitness fun for all

Encouraging  children to stay fit and take part in a variety of sports is very important to us at St Bernard's. So far this year we have had football, floorball and handball coaching. We regularly go outside for fitness activities. We also take brain breaks in class where we dance and do aerobic ativities.

Morning Prayers

Prayer is an important part of our day

We always start the day with prayer. We listen to stories from the bible, personal prayers are shared and we sing waiata. Grace is always said before lunch and we thank God in the afternoon before we go home. We try to be like Jesus by sharing JOY (Jesus, Others, You - If we put Jesus first, others next, then ourselves, we will spread JOY) 

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