Reading, writing and maths

And more....

In Room 4 we do Reading, Writing and Maths in the first 2 blocks of the day, before lunch.  However, there are many other subjects that we look at over the course of the week.

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Daily exercise

Exercising before learning is proven to improve results

Room 4 does fitness for 10 minutes each morning after prayers.  Our current favourite is dodge ball but we also enjoy playing basketball, soccer, bench ball, ultimate tag and other games.


Building and programming our own real robots!!

This term our year 7 and 8 students are participating in a robotics programme every Monday with Thorndon and Johnsonville Schools. This week we programmed them to navigate a maze.


Passion projects

Individual work on individual passions

Every term every year 6-8 student completes a "passion project" - self-directed learning about a topic of their choice.

View some of the projects completed this year by clicking the links below:

  • The case for electric cars 

  • Gun control and gun crime - why is it so high in some countries and lower in others 

  • Emojis - their history and invention 

  • Rubix cube - how to solve it and why its so hard 

  • Mad about meercats 

  • Fast cars I love


Kiwiana images

This year, at the end of our inquiry unit on ‘People of New Zealand’, Room 4 students had a go at creating their own kiwiana images.  Our aim was to draw simple, bright images on a bold coloured background.  Students could choose between pastel or paint.



Woodwork and design

Every Wednesday afternoon our year 7 and 8 students head to Mt Cook school. Last term they did woodwork and design, building boxes and lights. This term the robot theme continues - lego robots with motors and coding to control them.


Most Monday’s, after lunch, we play the ukulele for about 20 minutes.  Many students have their own ukuleles but the school has some to borrow too.  Everyone has a go and it’s great fun playing and singing along to well known songs.  Songs that we have been learning this year are ‘Drunken Sailor’, ‘Three Little Birds’, ‘Kumbaya’, ‘It’s a Small World’ and ‘Haere Mai’.


Physical Education

Tennis, cross-country, basketball, football and more

Much of our Physical Education is taken by specialist instructors.  In Term 1, we spent 5 weeks improving our tennis skills at the Vogelmorn Tennis Club. 
For the rest of Term 1 and the beginning of Term 2, we focused on Cross Country with our own highly experienced teacher, Mr Forster. 
Later in Term 2, we had a visit from the Wellington Saints who gave us some great tips for playing basketball. And since then our basketball team has been winning a lot! 
In Term 3, we h a coach from the Island Bay Football Club on Fridays, giving each class a 45 minute lesson in football.

In Term 4 we had swimming lessons and athletics.


In Term 3, Room 4 is took part in the Artsplash concert along with Room 2. All of our students also had their visual art displayed at the Michael Fowler Centre during the festival.

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