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Room 1 - Rūma 1



As part of our literacy programme, children learn to recoginse sounds in words and how we write and these as letters. We encourage children to say words and listen to the sounds they hear. We show children the letters that we use to represent the many different sounds. There are many online resources to support your child with letters and sounds. One resource we use in school is Reading Eggs and Fast Phonics.  Children read in school most days of the week, once they know their first set of sounds.  They will sometimes read individually or in a group. 

We share a range of different stories and texts in class with children every day. We encourage children to think about the text and answer questions or make predictions about it. It's vital that children are read to regularly, even as they become competent readers, as this continues to develop them as readers and their passion and interest in reading.  We love learning about reading and writing using a mentor text. Some of the books we have read so far are: ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’, ‘The Sea Saw’, ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Astro Girl.’ 

Here we are next to a beanstalk which sprouted up in class before we read, ‘Jim and the Beanstalk.’



Children usually have daily maths lessons. They will sometimes work individually, in a group, or work as a whole class. Using concrete materials to represent our mathematics thinking is a vital part of our maths programme. We use a CPA approach when learning new concepts - starting with concrete materials, moving onto drawing pictures, and finally using an abstract representation  (e.g. 5+7) 

Here we are making 3D shapes during our work on shape in Term One. 


Well Being / Ke te Pehea Koe?

Talking about our feelings is an essential part of our day and we love using our mood meter to help share how we are feeling. 

In Room 1, we are also learning how to ask and answer the question, How are you? in te reo Māori - 'Ke te Pehea Koe?'  ‘Ke Te Tino Pai’ - I am very good.


Sports & Exercise

We have our PE lessons every Friday, in addition to daily fitness breaks. 

Outside, we love running and teamwork games.  Sometimes, we take indoor fitness breaks and love using an online resource, Go Noodle, for brain or fitness breaks. 

In Term Two, we are enjoying having Wellington Olympic Football Club come in to run Football/Soccer sessions for us. 



In Room One, we love to start our day with prayer. We know that there are many different ways that we can pray. We join with the whole school for prayers on a Monday, have reflection or meditation prayers on Tuesdays, worship on Wednesdays, scripture on Thursdays, and personal or creative prayers on a Friday.

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