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Our Mission Statement & Vision


Empowering children in their learning within a Catholic Community

Emblem updated 2024.png
Emblem updated 2024.png


he ara ki to ao -  A pathway to the world

We will have learners who are:

·        connected to God, each other, their community and the wider world

·        connected to the future 

·        literate and numerate 

·        able to lead and contribute

·        happy and social

·        inspired, confident, independent yet collaborative

·        well-rounded in the arts, sciences, sports, and technologies

·        engaged by an exciting curriculum

·        encouraged by achievement and who celebrate success

·        reflective and resilient with a Growth Mindset

·        supported by engaged parents/caregivers

·        sustained by a committed parish


In a learning environment that:

·        is welcoming, bright, and warm

·        is modern and well maintained

·        displays children's work

·        provides up to date IT 

·        contributes positively to learning

·        reflects our culturally diverse community


By teachers who are:  inspired and passionate about learning

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